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A place where family and friends can learn more about ancestry, family history, and individuals.

is a listing of all names in the family tree(May take a few minutes to load). 

is a listing of all surnames in the family tree.  

contains family photos.  

is a section for exhibitions of family talent. 

is a good place to start.

Family genealogies may be accessed via the Index of Names page or the Surname page.

For information on how this site works see Information.

What's New at Nöddebo?

I am currently looking for things to put in the family talent section.  If anyone has anything that they would like to see there please let me know.

Check out the following new additions:

Bates Photos

Hallowell Photos


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[Under Construction]This site is currently under construction.  Additional information will be continually added to this site - so check back frequently!  Keep in mind that much of this information has not been verified against primary sources so some of the information may not be correct.  If you have corrections, suggestions or additions please email me at

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